Sunday, June 11, 2006

Girls Pampering Spa Weekend!

Well, we are back safe and sound from our pampering weekend. No one fell out, and we all got along fine so that was great. I'm putting a few photos from the weekend onto this blog but you can also view the rest of them by clicking here.

I had the most amazing weekend. On Friday we went to the Pure Day Spa in Killinchy. None of us really new quite what to expect from it. We hoped it would be good, but we didn't realise how utterly amazing it would be! From the second we arrived we were treated like royalty. They took our shoes and gave us some special slippers that massage the vital points of our feet. We changed into our swimming costumes and robes that were provided. The place was just awesome. It was so clean, and quiet, and tranquil. Peaceful music was gently playing and every little nook and cranny had something special about it - candles, water features, lillies. It was pure luxury. After changing into our robes we were taken to an area with three luxurious chaise longe style loungers. They covered our legs with blankets and then offered a choice of champagne or fruit juices. We were given magazines and a bowl of organic fresh fruit salad. The attention to detail was amazing. On every massage table there would be left a fresh Lilly on the pillow. Then our 3 beauticians (for want of a better word) came and took us to different rooms. Heidi was my girl and she was just lovely. She took me into a room that was lit with candles and smelled of essential oils. There was a ray of sun shining across the room through the shutters - it was just surreal. First she asked me to sit on a bean bag whilst she did a foot ritual. I had no idea what a foot ritual was! She put my feet into a china bowl full of smooth pebbles and warm water. It had little rose petals floating in it. Then she sat on the floor and bathed my feet whilst asking me questions about my life - health, food, exercise, etc. She asked how I most wanted to feel at the end of the day. My answer was 'relaxed'. By doing this ritual she could find out how best to tailor my treatments to my expectations. Then she asked me to choose a stone from the table. I chose a smooth round dark green stone, and she told me that this particular stone represented relaxation!

My first treatment was an aromatherapy facial. Heidi gave me various different oils to smell so that I could choose the ones I liked the best. All the various oils I chose were from the relaxation range! (although I didn't know that at the time). She said my body obviously wanted relaxation that day. I lay on this heated massage table for about an hour and half whilst I had the facial and the Indian head massage. The facial was the most relaxing thing I've ever experienced. It wasn't just a case of cleaning my face! No, it was a full on face, shoulder and neck massage. Whilst the mask was on my face she gave me a hand massage too. I've never had so many creams, lotions, oils and masks on my face at once! She massaged various pressure points around the face, neck and temples. The whole atmosphere with the candles, smells and gentle music was just like being in heaven! The Indian head massage was different to how I imagined. I thought it was just a good massage. I had no idea I'd come out with a head full of pink mud and aromatherapy oils! I looked a sight! But it was well worth it. She poured various oils through my scalp and massaged in different ways that I couldn't really describe that well. She massaged pressure points, and then did a sort of pitter-pattering massage with her fingers. She spent 5 minutes massaging my ears! It was just paradise. When she had finished I could barely get off of the bed, I was so relaxed. Little did I know that whilst I was enjoying this pure bliss, poor Brenda and Heather were suffering torturous pain through a treatment called exfoliation and body brush! Which basically involved being rubbed down from head to toe with scouring pads and floor brushes! But they also enjoyed a session of reflexology which they both raved about. I will try that next time myself.

After these first two treatments we were taken to the showers and then we spent half an hour or so relaxing in the jacuzzi. (see photo above). The photo below shows the jacuzzi (from their website). You can see how classy the place was from the website photos much better than you can from our photos. We were brought drinks of water to have whilst in the jacuzzi and I asked the lady to take our photo. We never saw another client whilst we were there, so I don't know if we had the place to ourselves or whether they time the treatments so that we don't bump into each other. After the jacuzzi we had another shower (beautiful spa shower gels and lotions were free for use at any time) and then spent 10 minutes in the steam room, before having yet another shower!

Then we were taken upstairs to a little relaxation room. We were able to sit on the sofas there and the lady covered our legs with fleece blankets. We sat and chatted, signed the visitors book and eat chocolates for half an hour. It was so nice to not be rushed in between treatments. It really added to the feeling of luxury and rest. Then we were taken downstairs to yet another little area where tea was laid on. This area had a soothing water feature. The table was set for the 3 of us with teas, juices, coissants, buns and biscuits, which we were really ready for. Another lady took a photo for us, but you really cant tell from this picture just how nice the place was. Everything was presented so well.

Then we went to separate rooms again for our body massages. We had such a laugh at the ridiculous plastic pants that we were given to wear! Myself and Brenda were in stitches over them. They were more like plastic thongs than anything else and just looked hilarious! Once again I enjoyed the pure bliss of a hot oil body massage whilst Heather and Brenda suffered the torture of a Swedish body massage! Whilst they were having deep tense knots removed from their bodies I was being drenched in gorgeous hot oils and gently massaged from top to toe! Poor Heather had finger bruises on her arms the next day. Although I think they really did benefit from the Swedish massage and they also had a great time.
After the last treatments we were taken to a little sunny area outside to sit and relax before getting dressed to go. Our ladies each came out to see us and advised us about skin care, and gave advise about what they had noticed about our skin or bodies. They advised various products to deal with different problem areas. It was possibly the most amazing and purely paradise like experience of my life so far. It is something I would recommend to anyone! You simply have to do this at least once in your life.

After we left the spa we drove down to white rock and had some lunch in a restaurant there. (click on the small photos to see a larger version) Then we went for a walk along the pebbly beach area. Heather practiced her skimming skills in the water and I was throwing large stones into the water as I found the loud plopping noise they made very satisfying. Heather took the opportunity to thow a huge rock into the water just in front of me and soaked me! She took great pleasure in that!

Friday was just great. A day of pampering, no rushing, beautiful sunshine, what more could a girl ask for? After all this we drove to the Dunadry Hotel where we stayed for the two nights. Margaret joined us here and she shared a room with Brenda which was joined to our room. We had a great time over the weekend. Lots of chilling, no rushing. I managed to read half of my 5 languages of love book whilst the girls went shopping. We played countless games of boggle, and sat up chatting till the early hours of the morning. We even managed a stint in the gym and a swimming session!
But it was great to get home and see the kids and Steve again. I enjoy being away from home but I always enjoy getting home too. Needless to say that all the men and children coped perfectly well without us!

This is the four of us outside the hotel entrance.

(Notice my fabulous new hair cut - courtesy of my sister Jenny)


steve said...

Well worth the money, Hazel came back looking absolutely stunning (if that`s possible for her to look and more beautiful) and well rested. COME ON ENGLAND!!!!!!!!!

Davy said...

Well rested???? They hardly slept!
Sounds like they had a really great time and they totally deserved it. Nice one!

Maddi said...

Wow that sounds amazing. I would love to do something like that, if I ever had the time to go! But I don't fancy the plastic pants! Good job they put you in a room on your own! Sounds like paradise.

Deborah said...

Wow, I'm officially jealous!!! I agree that the plastic knicker thing sounds a bit scary, but the rest sounds out of this world!

hannah said...

I feel relaxed just reading that! Was it Daft Eddies you went to for lunch at whiterock? I've always wanted to go there but it's too expensive so I'm waiting for some romantic guy to take me on a date there. Maybe he could drop me off at the spa too on his way to visit his parents!

Hazel said...

Yes it was daft eddies. And it wasnt that expensive either.
Good hint for David!

Tammy said...

Looks like a great time, good for you ladies!! And, good for hubby for sending you there!!

Sharon said...

Wow Hazel, it sounds wonderful. I'm glad you enjoyed it so much.
I want to go now!