Friday, June 23, 2006

Congratulations Hannah and David!

Its been quite a tough week, one way or another. But today the kids were 'off' and the day was pretty relaxing. I took them into the town to get some bits for Sam's birthday. Luke wanted to buy him some sweets for a present, and made no secret of it. We also bought some wrapping paper and a card. I wanted to get a few other bits but Sam didn't get the hint to clear off so it wasn't possible. Also managed to spend £24 on a new pair of shoes for Jude. Tomorrow Steve will get the trampoline and safety net whilst in Belfast. Which means he wont be able to take Luke and Jude whilst Sams as stage school, as he usually does. So I won't have a peaceful day to myself. Ah well.
One night this week Steve dedicated a whole evening to spoiling me. He ran me a hot bubble bath, then when I came out of it there was a hot foot soak in the living room. He gave me the remote control, and a cup of tea. He put the kids to bed quietly, without the usual stress and groaning that comes with the task. It was really nice to relax. I think he must think I'm about the crack or something! This evening I went to collect him from work and when we pulled into the drive he gave me a present... all wrapped in shiny blue paper. It was a photo from our trip to Brussels last year. He had it printed and framed for me. I was so touched. It is a photo of me eating lobster! But it is a good one.
This week, despite all the bad news, we had some good news. My sisters boyfriend David finally popped the question! And she said YES! Well, popped the question is a bit of an understatement. David only turns out to be the most romantic guy on the planet. Ladies, you may wish not to read the rest of todays entry as your husbands may suddenly seem less wonderful.
Firstly David phoned Dad to ask for Hannah's hand in marriage. How genteel. Like something out of Pride and Prejudice. I wonder did Dad offer a dowry? Anyway, Dad obviously said Yes. Then David made Hannah follow a set of clues all around the area from his childhood home. With each clue she found a gift. Cute. Then when she found David he took her for a walk along an area that was important to the first part of his life. He took her there so that he could make her, and it, part of the second stage of his life. He then took off his jacket with his back turned and his T-shirt back read 'Hannah', and when he turned round the front said 'Will you marry me?' He then produced a big shiny rock for her finger - which just looks 'so Hannah'. It's perfect. I've got a photo of it to upload sometime. Anyway, the whole story sounded so much better the way Hannah told it! It's not quite so romantic coming from me. I'm not doing the gooey gushes, and the fluttering eyelids, and the lovestruck look. That really helps with this kind of story.
Here are a couple of photos of the happy, gorgeous couple (stolen from Hannahs Bebo Site)


Marian said...

Congratulations to Hannah and David on their long awaited engagement. It is lovely to have some good news. I love you both and I hope you will both have a long and very happy life together. Mum x x x x x

granma & grandad said...

Congractulations and all good wishes for the future

Maddi said...

Hazel's right. It's so much better the way Hannah tells it and the ring is "soooo Hannah!"

Congratulations to both of you. I hope you'll have all the happiness any couple could wish for.

Lots of love from Maddi and Tom!

hannah said...

Thanks everyone! I'm very excited although don't have a clue about weddings and how to plan them so any help would be very welcome at this stage! Love Hannah