Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Today is Sam's 11th birthday! It doesn't seem like 11 years since our beautiful baby boy came into the world. And I can't believe that in another 11 years he will be a man already! I thought my kids were going to be babies forever. Yes, 11 years ago today our bonny 9lb3 boy was born. He was so alert and didn't cry. He seemed so wise and understanding the day he was born. Now he is a happy, energetic, confident young man, with his whole life ahead of him.

Luke was up at the unsociable hour of 6am this morning. He didn't go back to sleep. Unknown to me at the time, Steve got up at 7 and took the three of them for breakfast in McDonald's! So I slept on till 9am, none the wiser. I wonder why I wasn't invited?

Sam wanted a trampoline for his birthday. We told him that if he got that then he wouldn't get much else. A few little treats maybe, but nothing big. And he wouldn't get to go out to the cinema or anything with his mates, because we just couldn't afford it. So he got a trampoline, which he knew was hiding in Jude's room. We did buy him a few small gifts so that he had something to open. Luke bought him some sweets, and so did Jude. I found a few books about football in Tesco's. Steve got the photo framed of Sam meeting Jack Charlton, and also got him a dartboard (I think he just wanted that for himself though and needed an excuse for buying it!) I also found a DVD in Tesco's of 'The Little Shop of Horrors', which is the play he performed in this year at stage school. It was the musical version so it has all the songs on it which he sang to death for weeks. So we gave him that too. He opened his presents first thing after getting back from McDonalds, and then we all set to work at the arduous task or erecting the trampoline. At the time we had the electrician in the house and said that it took him and his Dad 3 hours to put theirs up. So we set to it. I'm proud to say that we had the whole thing up and in working order in just 1 1/2 hours. We make a good team when it comes to assembling things.

So the kids spent all afternoon bouncing up and down. At 3 pm some of his friends from his old school came round to play. M and J both bought him new footballs, so he was very happy about that. M picked out the exact one that Sam had told me to buy him! It is the world cup one. So he was delighted. Then J bought him one aswell, so that was double prizes. We put a few treats out in the garden and then basically left them to it. They bounced, they wrestled, they sprayed water at passing pedestrians (!*!*!*!), they played football. Even Jude had a friend to play with as well. We didn't hear a peep out of Luke who had made friends with one of the 11 year old boys and was playing happily in his bedroom with him.

At 6.30 Steve, Sam and Jude all went to the fellowship meeting in Belfast. Me and Luke had our chance on the trampoline! We spent an hour together on it, and Luke just had the most exciting time. I don't think he has ever giggled so much before. We rolled from one side to the other together, we bounced together, I sat in the middle whilst Luke ran round and round in circles for about 20 minutes saying "round and round, round and round", and occasionally falling over and laughing hysterically. He pretended to be a baby lamb whilst I was a mummy lamb. Then I was a horse and he bounced on my tummy. It was great fun. Finally it was time for bath and bed. I'm betting his is going to sleep really well tonight.

Thanks to everyone who sent cards and money for Sam's birthday. He will be writing thank you letters soon to all the family.

The making of the trampoline.

Sam officially declares the trampoline open with the sentence "on behalf of my bum I declare this trampoline open!"


Tammy said...

Wow, Happy Birthday Sam!! Looks like he had a great day. I love Little Shop of Horrors too! Back when I was in high school, our drama dept. did the musical too. It was fun, and I have the dvd. :)

hannah said...

Happy Birthday Sam! Sorry we couldnt come down, David was leaving for America weds so we were busy packing and getting him on the bus. We have your present, its not as exciting as a trampoline by far but I hope you'll like it anyway! See you very soon (hopefully this ocming week)
Love aunty Hannah xoxoxoxoxox :)

Sharon said...

I'm a few days late but Happy Birthday Sam!
The photos are great, they all look so happy! I think our trampoline was the best use of money we've ever made. Our lot spend hours on it daily. I hope Sam's bum has a seriously good time on his ;-)