Thursday, June 08, 2006

Abi's Birthday

Abi, my niece, was 6 on the 06/06/06 ! Imagine that. Jenny invited my kids over for her party, and Sam & Jude stayed there overnight. Abi got a new trampoline, a 12ft one, which they spent 2 full days jumping on. Subsequently Sam and Jude are crippled with muscle pains this morning. Mum, Dad and Hannah were all there for the party too. Here are some photos...

This is Jenny, me and Hannah, 3 of the 4 sisters.

I had to post this photo of Luke. Yesterday morning, when Sam and Jude weren't here, he came into the living room all dressed up in Judes pink hat and feather boa. He told me he was doing a play and that I had to watch. He was using Judes beanies for fellow actors. He is so much like Sam! Sam has trained him in his own image! There is a photo of Sam somewhere on this blog with a pink feather boa wrapped round his head. Looks like I've many more years of play watching ahead of me.


Tammy said...

Love the pics! You and your sisters are a great looking bunch, and so much alike too!

Karen Millar said...

Hi Hazel, it's your old friend Karen from 'England'!! I thought I would just let you know that I read your Blog everyday as I am addicted to finding out what you have all been up to! I really don't know where you get the time to write what you do though!!
The photos of your sisters are great, not at all how I remember them though! Where is your other sister, Marian? (Or as I rememeber her being called Mari-jo!!)
I will email you soon, Karen

Hazel said...

Hi Karen!
glad to hear you are enjoying the blog. We take lots of photos as part of our general school at home life. We use them for projects and to keep a record of all that we do. Seen as they are on the computer anyway, it only takes 10 - 20 minutes to type something to go with it. It helps me wind down in the evening before going to bed, seen as I dont watch much tv these days.
Have spent all day in the blistering heat trying to plant these sunflowers and potatos before I go to this spa trip tomorrow. Its so hot here today. How are you and the kids? Im sure they've grown up heaps. You must email me a photo sometime. It would be great to see them again.
Maddi wasnt at Bevins party but she's still here. She lives about an hours drive from us so we dont see her so often. If I get a photo of her I'll be sure to post it too!
Enjoy the blog, and keep in touch :)


Maddi said...

I'm still alive! Though not Marian anymore but Maddi! Life is hectic at the moment as I'm travelling to England a couple of days every week at the moment so I hardly have time to do anything unfortunately. Hazel, we'll catch up soon. I've finally got my living room almost finished so you can visit and see it!