Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Fathers Day

I need to do a catch up post! Last Sunday it was Fathers Day. The kids always love Fathers and Mothers days. They love to spoil us and make us feel special. They gave Daddy the hugest bar of chocolate, some maltesers, some hankies with I love Daddy embroidered on them and a key ring. Jude made him a paper medal for the worlds best Dad. We also bought a plain white breakfast set (bowl, plate, cup and egg cup) with some special paints. The kids and Steve are going to paint one each. It's something they can all do together. It should be fun. From the photos you can see that Luke enjoys this occassions more than anyone.

Also on Sunday Luke was delighted to find a huge snail crawling up the outside of our bedroom window. He is at that age where he gets such delight from finding creepy crawlies. This was a great event because we could see all the snails muscles moving through the clear glass. Luke was just so amazed and asked us to take a photo.

These are the 2 photos from our trip to the Chinese Restaurant on Sunday which go with the post below.

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