Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Dublin Fellowship Weekend

This weekend the fellowship in Dublin had organised their annual outreaching event. Our Belfast fellowship always goes down to support it. This time Steve and Jude took the bus down on Saturday and stayed overnight with Rachael and Anthony. I had to take Sam to drama school as usual on Saturday, so we drove to Dublin for the Sunday meeting. Jude had another great day in Dublin. Once again she had control of the camera and came back home with 274 digital photos! During the Sunday meeting she got up on stage to take a photo of everyone. When she got down a few people asked her to go back with their cameras and take pictures for them. I think she loved that. She felt like an official photographer! She definitely has a talent for it.

It was lovely to see everyone in Dublin again, and to meet up with a few old friends from England too. I was asked to give my testimony during the second meeting. Urgh! I don't mind getting up on stage and giving my testimony - I just don't like being warned in advance. That way I don't have time to worry about it! Apparently it was good, but I felt so distracted by Luke who was sitting in the front row playing with his cars at top volume!

Luke made a new friend while we were there. A little girl from Mongolia called Mishka (or Michelle). She is 16 months old. Luke was besotted with her. Since he came home he keeps telling me "I love Mishka". They were so cute together. Luke looked like a gentle giant next to her! He would run around the hall calling "catch me, catch me" and Mishka would giggle and run after him. They had a great time. It was really nice to see him mixing with some younger children. He doesn't know any other kids his own age. I really must take him to a mother and toddler group in September. Steve and Bagi (Mishka's Mum) took all the kids to the park during the communion meeting where Jude took some gorgeous photos of the two little ones playing together, and holding hands!

This is the photo Jude took from the stage during a chorus time.

Jude, enjoying the sites around Dublin.

Steve, next to a chain ball with a fire inside!

The lads - Tom, Anthony and Steve.

Some of the men got up to sing an item. Steve, Sam, Pastor Ray, Ronnie, Dan and John.

The girls - Jana, Rachael and me.

The happy couple, again!

Here are Luke and Mishka playing together at the park.

Another happy couple! Don't they look so cute holding hands. Adorable.

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Anonymous said...

Haze, The photos are great, Luke & Mishka look so cute together. It was fantastic seeing you guys and Steve & Jude make great guests. I'd also like to reiterate how much I really enjoyed your testimony, you didn't come across as being distracted just v.happy! Rachael xx :)