Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Visit to Santa, Sprucefield.

Today we took a drive to Sprucefield in Lisburn to visit Santa in his grotto. We were the first ones there for it's opening time of 2pm. Best of all, it was free, plus there was no queue. Luke was very excited, but shy once Santa sat him on his knee. They were given a chocolate Santa lolly and I got to take a few photos. Luke asked for some trains for Christmas (phew) and also asked if he was on the naughty or the nice list. Aww. Here are the pics...


Lin said...

They look so sweet :-)

Surprised to see the children on Santa's lap though, thought that had been banned. Maybe its just England though?

The news came from Santa himself 2 years ago ! :-(

Lin said...

Oops, forgot to say how silly I thought the Santa lap ban was since parents are there too... d'oh!!

thenewstead5 said...

How do you get around Santa, being a Christian family? We've struggled with how to approach it each year.. the other day my 4 year old was asking if Leona on X Factor was "real". Then was Dora the Explorer "real" and then the one I was dreading, "Is Santa real?". I never got a word in though, as his eldest brother said "no" and my middle lad said "yes" - so I left them debating it!

Hazel said...

Hi Lin,
Yes the Santa picked Luke right up. There was another lady present in the room though, sitting opposite Santa at all times. Obviously its ok the sit the kids on their knee while she is present. Just like the good old days. I know here most of the time Santas dont cuddle the kids any more. I guess even parents could accuse Santa of something, but the whole time an independant witness is present theres no risk? I dunno.

Hazel said...

Yes we have the same problems as you with the whole Santa being real debate.
When we had out first two I asked all my family what they thought about it and they all said it would do no harm. With Luke I kind of thought about skipping Santa but his big brother and sister beat me to it and told him in great detail all about it until his excitement was too much to spoil.
I always figured, I guess, that I managed to grow up with Santa and God, and fairies, and came out with strong beliefs so no harm done.
Its one of those subjects that one could debate on for hours, changing our minds at every turn. lol.