Friday, December 29, 2006

HAZEL 30 TODAY!!!!!!!

HAZEL 30 TODAY !!!!!!!!!!

Hi, Steve here. Never wrote a Blog before but I thought I would put today’s entry on for Hazel.

I truly believe that I am very lucky and blessed to have such a wife as Hazel, and I really appreciate her.

When I first met Haze she was only 16. Married at 17 and had two children by the time she was 19. She was still a child and did not really know what she wanted from life. I think people thought we were mad and some I am sure thought that things would not last. Well I would just like to say on this Blog today that the main reason we are still together is because my wife is an amazing women !!

In the last 13 to 14 years Hazels grown in confidence amazingly from the girl I first met, very smart and intelligent and great at coming up with ideas and solutions. She is gifted in many areas and always there to help me with what ever I need. I could not cope without her. My wife is very content and often goes without at the expense of her family. She always spends lots of time effort and energy with us all.

What more could a man ask for ?

What more can a man ask for and what more does a man need than a wife like mine, and if everyone was like my wife the world would be a better place!

If anybody does not know all these things about Hazel, they don’t know her at all.


Linda said...

Happy Birthday Hazel :-)

Davy said...

Well put young Steve. Happy Birthday Hazel.

Tammy said...

That was so incredibly sweet!! I do have to agree with you as well Steve!! Hazel is pretty amazing. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

G.G.Dad Peter said...

Steve,you are a winner! We get what we deserve mostly, you and Hazel were made for each other, I hope you continue to love her now that she's grown old. God bless you both, and your little family.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Hazel. Sorry comment is a little late! Yes I agree with everything Steve said, and well said it was! All the best for the next 30 years of your life and beyond!

Love Jen