Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Update on Tinkhani

Wow, so much has happened since I wrote my last post, about Tinkhani. My head has been all over the place.

Firstly I was so touched by the people who chose to respond to my blog post. To those who offered to donate money, those who have offered to send a christmas card. Where should I start? I don't want to forget anything. Let me see.

Firstly, my Grandad printed out my post and took it to his church meeting where he read it out loud to the members. They were moved to pray for Tinkhani and his situation. The leader has contacts in Zambia and they may well be able to find someone willing to visit Tinkhani and talk with him, which would be a huge blessing to him. They also talked about raising money to send supplies for all of the inmates in Tinkhani's cell, as they are all in the same boat more or less, and to stop Tinkhani fearing theft or other problems.

Today I posted a small parcel to him. Very small. It contained my letter, a book, and a few treats such as cashew nuts and sweets. It's kind of my 'test parcel'. The idea is to see whether he actually gets the contents or not.

Anyway, where was I? Today I made contact with a group called Prison Fellowship Zambia. I sent them my blog link and asked them if they knew of any missionaries in the area, or anyone trustworthy who may be able to help me. The Bishop emailed me right back and said that they have a prison fellowship group in Kabwe, where Tinkhani is. He forwarded my email to that group and said that it would be no problem for them to visit with Tinkhani and to buy him provisions with any money that I send to them. They go into the prisons in the area and minister to the men and women there, whilst helping them in any way that they can with both spiritual and physical needs. I read a page on the Internet that one of the missionaries wrote and they seem to be doing a much needed great job out there. They go into the prisons every day and ask the prisoners what they need, visit their families for them and try to re-start communications with their long lost families, and such like. Obviously they can only work within whatever funds they have available. Won't it be fabulous if one of these missionaries can help us to take care of Tinkhani, and possibly others, and to visit him as well?

Once again I'd like to say a sincere thank you to those who emailed, or left supportive comments, and an even bigger thank you to those who offered money and christmas cards to Tinkhani. If anyone else would like to be involved please do let me know. Every little helps, as they say.


Mum said...

keep us updated and motivated - I am 'spreading the word' lol Mum

Davy said...

Well done Hazel. All Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists etc reading this blog please note -- this is how it should be done.

G.G.Dad Peter said...

Thats good news Hazel, the best , now you will be sure that Tinkhani will be getting some nutrition, as well as spiritual uplift. Keep us posted.

Tammy said...

My Christmas card to him is on it's way today! Sending things for everyone in his cell is a great idea! Wow someone to visit him, that's wonderful. I hope everything works out. Keep me posted. : )

Tammy said...

That is wonderful that God has laid this on your heart!
I just posted on a testimony from a ex-convict that spoke at our large church this past Sunday...

I'll be praying for him!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes we all need a kick and you have provided this kick, by setting an example to Christians everywhere , that faith is not just about praying but actively helping people, like Tinkhani, and encouraging other christians to be more active in the needs of others , and it is for this reason that I will make a donation to send a gift To Tinkhani
Kind regards EL