Sunday, December 24, 2006

Phone Call From Emanuel

I was washing up in the kitchen when the phone rang. For some reason I just knew it would be Emanuel. I picked up the phone and heard the American operator asking if I would accept a collect call, so of course I said yes. And it was Emanuel! We got a 15 minute call but it seemed so much more like 5 minutes. It was great to talk to him, for only the 2nd time after 76 or more letters! He ribbed me for sending him a book which turned out not to be very good. Oooops. I bought it because it was written by a man serving time in a prison in Northern Ireland. I thought it might be interesting to him, but what I didn't realise, because I didn't read the book myself, was that it was about a gay relationship behind prison walls. LOL. Not really Emanuels cup of tea, so he passed it on and had a good laugh at my stupidity. Doh. I told him all about my surprise birthday party (see post below for that). It was so good to talk to him. Really made my day and put a smile on my face :)

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