Friday, December 15, 2006

Sam at school

Only one week left of school until the Christmas holidays. I can't wait to have Sam at home for a while. It feels as if we hardly see him any more. He has settled into school life very well and seems very happy. He even seems to enjoy his work. The only thing bothering him is one of the boys in his class. Every day when he gets home he has to talk about this boy for 20 minutes to get it off his chest and out of his system. LOL. It seems from what Sam says as if this boy is a real slacker. His only friend seems to be Sam and he kind of latches onto him, even though Sam has lots of other friends as well. Every time a partner is required this boys latches on to Sam, but then proceeds to let Sam do all the work and carry the brunt of the burden. Today they partnered up for a history assignment. They had to write some sort of essay about the Battle of Hastings, I think it was a newspaper report. Sam says that he did all the work by himself while this boy surfed the internet looking at sites about cars. Sam was not amused. He has written a note at the end of his essay to say that he worked alone and that his partner just skivvied. I advised him to try to partner with someone else. I said that if his friend is upset about it then explain that you can't partner with him because he doesn't pull his weight. Maybe that will teach him to work a little harder.


Lin said...

I don't blame Sam for writing that on his essay. It must be flipping annoying to say the least to see that other boy slacking, perhaps he sees Sam as an easy ride since he's so good natured - he's sure going to find out different now, lol!

nanny said...

I know it is hard for sam but in a way it is good. At least Sam is not in this boy's position (under achieving). Sam has the upper hand here, he is the smart one which is what you wanted for him. He just needs to (as you say) be kind but assertive. I call it progress considering how Sam felt a few years ago