Thursday, December 14, 2006

Happenings in the house

I've just uploaded 86 photos from Jude's new digital camera and I'm surprised at how much we have done lately. Here are some of the best photos from this week.

On Saturday we took a trip to Belfast while Sam was at stage school. The christmas market was on at the city hall so we looked around it, and then had some cake in a cafe.

Jude eating a chocolate waffle in the market.

Jude at one of the stalls.

Jude and Steve in the cafe.

Mummy and Luke about to dig in to christmas cake and apple pie! Yum yum. Luke was ever so excited about ordering christmas cake in a real cafe!

Jude got some Happy Mais for her birthday and yesterday we finally got it out to create with. Jude decided to make a Christmas decoration with hers.

Here is the fantastic Christmas tree scene that she made. I was well impressed.

Equally impressive was Luke sunshine which he made completely unassisted. He even drew on the plate with felt pen to finish it off. Not bad for a 3 year old I think.

Less impressive, however, was my attempt at making a person. This person started off standing upright, but I must have wet the maize too much because he started leaning. I made a wall for him to lean on, and a dog to keep him company. An hour after taking this photo my little person had shrivelled up into a ball of gloopy mess!

Luke always loves to help me in the kitchen. Here he is getting me a mushroom out of the fridge.

Last night I made a lovely roast dinner. Whilst I was cooking it Luke made some fresh juice with the juicer. Here he is single handedly juicing some pears and apples, which he added to the melon juice in the pink jug which he had already made. He made this entirely on his own and was very proud of himself!

We are still harvesting the last few vegetables from the garden. Here are the parsnips that we dug up and roasted yesterday, and a huge cabbage which weights an absolute ton!

Steve did a big 2 hour studio photography shoot this week for his course. He used Jude as his subject and came away with some excellent images. I popped Luke and Sam in at the end for a couple of quick photos and there are some nice ones of them too. When he has decided what he's doing with them I will post a few on here, as they are really lovely and very professional looking. I know Jude had a blast posing for them all.

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Jill and John said...

Great photos and also great cakes - we like your improvisation in creating a wall for your leaning person!! Love Jill and John