Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Well done Steve!

Oh, I'm loaded with the cold. I managed to stay on top of things all day but now that Steve is home I'm off to bed, leaving him to cope with the kids. But I just had to come online quickly to post this message.
Today Steve got the marks for the first part of his Photography HND back. This is the course that he started in October. The first part of the course was a 12 week module in which he had to take 12 prints, develop them and print them himself in black and white, to make a calender. It was quite a hard module and he spent a lot of time on it. Today he starts the next module, which is portrait photography in the studio. Anyway, the calender module was marked in 3 sections, with an overall mark. One mark was for the workbook, one mark for the essay (Steve's very first essay ever, I might add!), and one mark for the actual photographs. Well, much to our surprise and delight he got a distinction for his workbook, a distinction for his essay (!@*@! - no I didn't help him with that!) and a distinction for his photos, giving him a distinction overall!
Well done Stevie!
He was also commissioned and paid for his first bit of photography work this week too! For a local estate agents.
Right, I'm off to bed, sniff.


Davy said...

Well done young Steve!
Looking forward to seeing your calendar -- I'm Mr.April I believe.

mum said...

WOW Steve, that's fabulous news. I hope your confidence levels are soaring. I am proud of you!!! Give H a big hug from me. I hope she feels better x Mum

Anonymous said...

Cracking photos they are too Steve. The boss is delighted with them.

John and Jill said...

Well done Steve, we are very proud of you Lots of love Mum and Dad xxxx

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Steve, if I am ever going to sell my house I know who to employ to take the photos. By the way I would be interested in a family photo of me and the children... I am sure you will continue to achieve those distinctions. Well done.