Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Jude's 10th Birthday is today!

It doesn't seem ten years since this happy day of Jude's birth. On 15th November at approx 3pm Jude was born weighing 8 lb 2 oz. The same size at birth as both her parents were. Being the reliable, rule abiding person that she has turned out to be, she arrived on the day she was due, after a damn hard delivery.

She was in a lot of pain, badly bruised, after the birth, and she cried for three solid days. The only way to stop her crying was to sit with her in my arms, perfectly still, and to sing "Hey Jude". I sat in that hospital singing Hey Jude for hours, since that was the song she recognised from her time in the womb.
I couldn't believe that we were blessed with a daughter, as well as our 17 month old son. Sam was delighted with his little sister and soon became her protector and friend. She seemed so tiny next to him, but he still wasn't even walking alone at this point. She was a gorgeous little thing, and turned into a gorgeous girl.

There have been a lot of smiles, a lot of laughs, and a lot of tears since that happy day. Jude has brought happiness and sunshine to our lives and every day I thank God for her. She has become a very sensitive caring young lady, not to mention beautiful.

She has always been our baby girl, but never did she imagine that one day she would be a BIG sister! The birth of Luke was an exciting time for young Jude. She became like a second mother to him. She was quietly pleased that he was a boy, and she could remain our special girl. Now he bosses her around, nags and moans at her. But she has taught him how to count, recognise shapes and colours etc. She is a natural teacher to him.

These days Jude enjoys reading and writing letters. She loves writing to her penpals, and is addicted to Beano comics at the moment. She plays the piano, and has won medals in archery. Every day she brings light to our lives with her constant jokes, funny stories, and little comic songs which she makes up and dances too.

She is excellent with a camera, which is what we bought her for her birthday today - her own digital camera. Now she can snap away to her hearts content, without having to use Daddy's massive, expensive camera.

Have a happy birthday Jude. May you be blessed with 10 more happy years at home with us. Please stop growing up so fast. It's just not on you know!


daddy said...

happy birthday to my wonderful little girl. Have a great day and a lovely night out with mum tonight. Lots of love Daddy.

Anna said...

Happy Birthday Jude!

Lin said...

Hazel, that's a beautiful post. What great memories you have of her.

Happy Birthday to Jude again too :-)

Tammy said...


My baby girl turned 10 back in October, and it's hard for me to believe too. I love this post, and wanted to do something similar on mine too, but haven't scanned in the pics yet.

Sharon said...

Oh Hazel, this is beautiful. I love the photos and your loving words. Jude is a wonderful girl and you are right to be so obviously proud of her.