Saturday, November 25, 2006

Are we going yet?

Yesterday evening we went to friends house for dinner. Luke had been waiting all week to go and was beside himself when the day actually came. The daughter of this family has a huge conservatory full of toys and Luke just couldn't wait to get stuck into playing with them, especially the Barbie Cars. Yesterday morning he was up at about 6am exclaiming "Horray! We are going to H & D's house today!" Happy days. From that point onwards he proceeded to ask me every 30 seconds on average "are we going yet?" I told him we weren't going until it was dark. At about 1.30pm he ran into the room screaming excitedly that he had looked out of the window and it was now dark!

He did manage to entertain himself throughout the day with little distractions. He decided that it was of utmost importance that he paint a picture for C. He got all the paints out and set himself up on his little desk. He painted a beautiful portrait of C, which we later added glitter to, much to Luke' delight. He told me about 30 times that C was going to be so pleased with the picture he had painted her.

Thankfully, the time to leave finally came and we drove the 35 minute drive to their house, with questions every 3 minutes asking "are we there yet?", "are we half way there yet?" Luckily for us some of the towns had their christmas lights on, and this delighted Luke and distracted him enough to keep us relatively sane.

Here is a photo of Luke looking so proud with his painting of C.

He managed to distract himself for a while with various toys whilst I got a little work done about the house.

As per usual, we were treated to the obligatory end of evening performance from our two older children and C. This time, much to mine and Luke's delight, was a performance of the Scissor Sisters 'I don't feel like dancing'. Don't they just look the part?


Davy said...

For the benefit of the uninitiated, the letters H, D and C stand for Horatio, Dorothea and Chrysanthemum. Hazel is just too embarassed to admit she knows people with names like that.

Hazel said...

Oh Dorothea. I like it. It really suits your, um, feminine side ;)

Check out Dorotheas blog at

Davy said...

I should point out that the blog mentioned above may not be suitable for everyone.
Those readers who have a problem with criticism of religious belief or who don't like 80s music would be well advised to try instead.
However all comments good or bad are welcome.
Editors note: Bad Comments may be deleted.

Anonymous said...

The rock band featured here are SJC, who formed in 2004 in Maghaberry, Northern Ireland ostensibly to play hard rock cover versions, particularly 'I'm not dancing so clear off ugly.'
Their musical style is influenced by Bontempi and their visual image draws from famous designer 'dressing-up box.'
Lead singer J--e has been linked with both Fran Healy from Travis and most of Westlife, but chucked them all for her music career.
Bassist S-m has reportedly married Britney Spears (twice) and was engaged to Christina Aguilera. He is quoted as saying 'I can't help it if girls throw themselves at me.'
Image-conscious third member 'Cat-woman' has been linked with Fred out of Scooby-Doo and has turned down three marriage proposals. She is six years old.
SJC are available for stadium bookings.

Anonymous said...

Do they do weddings?

SJC Management said...

Dear Hannah
Yes SJC are indeed available for weddings. Their repotoire includes:

'I Knew The Bride'
'Shotgun Wedding'
'Kiss The Bride'
'White Wedding'
and of course 'It Should Have Been Me'

Their rider includes a large plate of sandwiches, six boxes of chicken nuggets and a barrel of shloer.
Additionally their roadie L--e requires a large selection box.

nans said...

LOL you are all wasted, you should be script writing for Ben Elton