Monday, November 13, 2006

The Engagement Party

I've got a little time this morning in my, (Yes, C, my life really is that unfulfilled) whilst Luke is still asleep, to write a bit about the engagement party. Then Luke and I will be off shopping as it's Jude's 10th birthday on Wednesday. We've already got her main present but I'd like to take a look around the shops for some nice little girlie things for her.

Well, I think everyone agrees that the engagement party was a huge success. Contrary to our doubts, people did actually turn up to wish the happy couple all the best. We had the perfect amount of people for the size of the place.

Steve and I turned up at the hall at 3pm. It was very bare, very cold, but nice enough. Jenny then turned up to help and Steve went home. We set about decorating the place, with lights, cut out hearts, heart balloons, ribbons, photographs etc. Jenny had made the most gorgeous engagement cake (she really should go into business), as well as the funkiest time capsule I'd ever seen. I made two displays of photos. One of the lovely photos that Steve took of Hannah and David a few weeks back, and one of all the funny photos we could find from our own collection, and from Hannah's and David's Beebo websites. (Some of them were hilarious - not to mention embarrassing!)

Mum arrived soon after with enough food to feed an army. She must have been baking and preparing for days! Jenny has a great talent for turning dull rooms into wonderlands (Just take a look in her shed if you ever get the chance!) and whilst I was out making sandwiches in the kitchen Jenny was heard banging, crashing and giggling in the main hall. Half an hour later Mum and I walked back in to find the hall had been transformed in a room which couldn't possibly look more like Hannah. Sparkly lights were hanging from the door, from the ceiling, round the pillars, it was almost Santa's grotto. It looked fabulous.

We also set up a little art table. We invited all the guests to draw portraits or caricature's of Hannah and David, and to add them to the gallery. That went down very well, and was a good ice breaker. I have all the portraits at home now and will put them all into a scrap book for them.

A few weeks ago a Hannah and David had a portrait sitting and the lady gave us a free DVD of the photos. We had this projected onto the wall during the evening and it was a lovelty effect.

We had about an hour to rest and recuperate before people started arriving at 8pm.

Plenty of Hannah and David's friends turned up, as well as family from both sides. We had asked people on the invitations to bring something to go into a time capsule. So people arrived with both time capsule gifts, and engagement presents. It was some fun trying to work out which pile to put them in.

Steve had put together some cd's of music for the little dance floor. After some warm up tracks, we had a little compilation of songs that the kids would like (can-can, cotton-eye-joe etc), and we invited the relatives to dance with the children. That was a good ice breaker and got all the Mums, Grannies and Grandads up to dance. By 11 o'clock the dance floor was positively hiving with all H & D's friends, who couldn't wait to sing along to Y.M.C.A! The whole evening was a great laugh. The kids were fantastically behaved and even little Luke managed to stay up until 12.30! The poor little lad was shattered though, and Steve spent most of the evening entertaining him. He slept till 10.30am the next day. (And he's still asleep today at 9.30)

The gorgeous engagement cake that Jenny made.

The time capsule and cake.
Laura and Jenny on the dance floor.

Some of H & D's friends.
The seating area, all sparkly and pretty.

Some more friends.
David's family.
Jenny, getting into the groove!
Y.M.C.A (I do believe Maddi is accosting a young lad in this photo?!)

My Dad, looking lovely, but there is a much better pic of him on flicker doing some snazzy moves.

Jenny and the girls, looking divine.

The lovely couple, cutting the cake (it was so wrong to cut such a piece of artwork! But it tasted nice)

There are lots more photos in flicker (see post below). Don't forget to click on pics to see the real size versions. If anyone is planning to print any of them let me know and I'll email you the originals, which are much larger and better quality for printing. I'll do a set for Hannah and David, and I'll get some others printed for people if they request them. I've also got a DVD which I will do copies of for everyone.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree, the night couldnt have been any better. The music went down really well, my friend Rebecca who's getting married in Feb, spent half the night writing a list of all the songs so she can use them at her wedding!
Everything looked so amazing, we couldnt believe how much trouble you all went to for us! We'll never forget it :) Thanks.
Love Hannah

G.G.Dad Peter said...

WOW that looks like a great night, fab. pics, what a cake ! Jenny is Wonderwoman; painter and decorator,
carpenter and builder, floor and wall tiler, banjo player celeb.cakes a speciality,and all combined in a beautiful package.Are there no end to her talents?
You all look georgeous, glad it all whent well after all the hard work.

Anonymous said...

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