Thursday, November 09, 2006

Scissor Sisters - Odyssey Arena Belfast

Wow. The Scissor Sisters were fantastic! What a great evening. They certainly put on a good performance. When I've seen the music videos I've often wondered what that girl was doing in the band, but she was certainly quality entertainment on the night. She was running the show! They were great with the audience, always talking in between songs and interacting with everyone. Everyone seemed to enjoy it except the row in front of us who sat their looking bored and stiff throughout the entire performance.

Every band I've been to see at the Odyssey (Travis, Coldplay, Busted (er, with Sam)) have always commented on Belfast's reputation amongst bands for being one of the best places to play. And at the end of the concerts they always affirm that Belfast is definitely one of the best places to play. I don't know if they say that at every concert they go to, but I feel that the good people of Belfast really are an excellent audience. I think they are so pleased to have someone come here and perform at last, after years of nothing, that they really appreciate and enjoy it. Well, me and C certainly enjoyed ourselves :)

She took some photos of the show which I'll post on the blog once she emails them to me. Here is one of us all dressed up in our glad rags which Steve took before we left.


Anonymous said...

Hmph, I was so jealous when you left that message on my answer phone of them singing! Glad you enjoyed it anyway. I always wondered why that womans in the band too! I always thought it was just to make it look more interesting.

Davy said...

Glad you had a good time. Contrary to popular opinion, a lot of big name artists DID play in Belfast during the 'troubles' in the 70s and 80s, and I'm not just talking about Daniel O'Donnell and Hugo Duncan either.
At the time it was seen as a 'badge of honour' by some acts to say they had played Belfast and survived, and of course they always claimed that NI crowds were the best too.
The big rock acts like Motorhead and Status Quo played here a lot, and the only trouble I ever saw was at a Toyah concert in the Kings Hall (I was young OK? I needed the money). The support act was a complete nutter called Fad Gadget who decided to jump into the crowd in the middle of his act. He got beaten up quite badly and had to be rescued by some bouncers. Silly man.
During the 80s I saw Depeche Mode, Ultravox, The Human League, Simple Minds, Silent Running, FGTH, Marillion and er Chris De Burgh (dragged there by a girl), all in Belfast.
Not that anyone reading this blog is old enough to remember any of those acts. I'm off for a go on my zimmer frame.

Anonymous said...

I actually went to the concert with Hazel last night what a great time we had, but Hazel went a bit lopy on the way home!!!!! Obviously doesn't get out much!!! Hee Hee.
And Davy, I remember all those acts,and saw some and I will actually admit to seeing Chris De Burgh too!! TWICE!!!!!!!

Davy said...

Nice one anonymous! What a lovely name too.
I'm glad somebody else remembers those acts, and let's be totally honest here -- I saw Chris De Burgh twice as well -- dragged there by two different women. Even worse -- one of them bludgeoned me into seeing Howard Jones too! Oh the shame.

mum said...

Well that certainly livened your blog up a bit. Don't think I have seen such an enthusiastic repertoire of comments on your blog in ages. It seems scissor sisters abiltiy to enthuse their audience has spilled over into the audience' audience hehe

Love the pic by the way

Hazel said...

Yes my readers have been a little on the lazy side of late ;) Come on everyone - leave a comment! Its nice to read them :)

Anonymous said...

Glad you had such a great time! I like country music myself, and all those concerts are sooooo expensive, so I don't get to many. I either need to make more money, or like other music, lol.


Hazel said...

Yes I know what you mean. But this time I got to go for FREEEE because I'd worked up a lot of babysitting points with C and this was her payback. So that was cool.