Friday, September 29, 2006

Who is that masked man?

Hello, hello, it seems I have so much to say since my last post, which wasn't that long ago. But I've only got 30 minutes to write this, then I have to go and pick Sam up from his guitar lesson, and Jude has already reserved the computer for the afternoon.

I'm just going to load on some photo's from our week. This one is a classic. This was taken on Sunday, when I pampered Steve for the day. Whilst he was on the trampoline with Luke, we snuck out with a clay mud mask and gave his skin a bit of a (long overdue) deep clean. Luke was a bit horrified. Sam wanted some too, but I only had enough to do his nose and chin. The next morning Sam woke up with a big spot on his nose! He was not happy and is sworn off of mud masks for the rest of his life.

Luke has had one of those weeks where he wants a constant companion. In between his helping me with the chores, Sam and Jude have been great at entertaining him. Here are Luke and Jude in Jude's room. They got all the carpet and furniture from Jude's dolls house and made a little play scene on the bedroom floor.

Here is a photo, taken today, of Jude doing her math work in the kitchen.

Yesterday was a glorious day, as is today, so I took the opportunity to work in the garden. It needed a lot of attention, and still does to some extent. I needed to do a lot of weeding and tidying up. The sunflowers were all dead (but one) so I cut them down and pulled out the old climbing sweet pea flowers. This has allowed more sunlight into the courgette and pumpkin patch, so hopefully they will grow faster now. I
harvested one marrow, a few courgettes, our first red cabbage, some french beans and some peas, along with the sunflowers (and a few small onions). We will eat some of the courgettes tonight for dinner, and I'll dry out those last few sunflower heads in the airing cupboard, with the ones that are already there.

In an attempt to further enhance our health I purchased a juicer. A good juicer, that actually works and juices whole fruits, not like the daft one we had before, which was so much hassle that we never used it. Today I went out at the crack of dawn to buy a ton of fruit. Jude and I made our first juice at lunch time.... carrots, apples, pears, grapes and ginger. It was really nice. We took some down for Steve to drink at work. I'm hoping it will be a big hit with the kids, although predictably Luke didn't like the healthy juice and opted for squash instead.

That's about all I've got time for at the moment, although I haven't had a chance to tell you about belly dancing, or that Steve is off work next week, but I have to go and pick Sam up.


lin said...

That fruit bowl looks so appetising, makes me hungry and I've only just eaten, lol!


hi,i have been looking at all the lovely fruit and veg you have been growing .it was our first attempt this year and i wish we had grown a lot more.we have been inspired by your veg patch and we are going to make ours a lot bigger.we have just been given a small greenhouse aswell so that will help.we have taken to growing our own as there is a problem getting decent fruit and veg were we live,hardly any shops sell it.we have just invested in some hens aswell,can't wait until they lay it right you have some and if you do what is best to feed them?thanks

Jules said...

We have just gone and spent £20 on fruit and veg, trying to start a "healthy" diet regime in the household. Would be interested in knowing which juicer you opted for and what you think of it. We have wanted to invest in one for a while now.

Elle at Ellesfuntimes said...

All that lovely fruit and veg. We're still picking beans and tomatoes from our garden and can't wait to start our allotment soon. We've also picked our pumpkin and hope it'll keep for Halloween. Hope the healthy diet continues! Elle

Hazel said...

Hi Lewis family,
We did have hens for a while, but they have been re-housed now. I do miss them, they had such character and were great with the kids. We fed them lots of scraps. I used to boil up potato skins, leftover from our own cooking, and they loved that! They eat pretty much anything, rice, veg, grains, we didn't give ours any meat. Be careful when you buy grain for them that it doesn't contain anything bad. We were feeding ours, unawares, with a mix that had antibiotics in it! The eggs from your own hens will taste so much better than shop bought ones, and you will notice that the yolks are really dark yellow. From all the sunshine that they get - did you know battery hens are fed with a yellow food dye to help their yolks turn yellow?

Hazel said...

Hi Jules,
I bought my Juicer from the JML range in woolworths (it was displayed with a big tv playing, showing how it works - like most JML things). It was £49.99. A similar one in Argos is £99.99 My sister bought the Anthony Worral Thompson juicer from argos at £100. They both seem to be almost identical and work just as well. The only little thing I dont like about the JML one is that it doesnt have that gauze top on the juice collector which seperates the froth from the juice, but I improvised easily enough, so it wasn't a bother. I hope thats some help to you.

Hazel said...

Hi Elle
Thanks for stopping by my blog. Our pumpkins are still babies at the moment. I'm looking forward to watching them grow. They are pear sized at present. Good luck with the allotment! Sounds fab.