Friday, September 08, 2006

Our 10ft tall sunflowers

We just had to put a few photos of our 10ft tall sunflowers onto the blog. Steve took these pics today. This is the view of them from the road behind our house, not from inside our garden. Some of them aren't on view from the road, but these tall ones look fabulous! Luke planted these from little seeds way back in May. He is so pleased with how tall they have grown. It's been very educational for him.


Anonymous said...

Wow ... they are really cool! I bet it's all the chicken poo that's done the trick. Sunflowers on steriods:-) Must show the kids in the morning.

Hazel said...

LOL, who wrote that comment eh?

john said...

Well done, a great site too for the passers' by. Who say's that (SUN) flowers can't grow in N.Ireland /
Grandad John

Anonymous said...

Those are beautiful, and you should all be very proud of your terrific garden!!