Sunday, September 24, 2006

Visiting Laura

Here are two photo's from our weekend. The first is little Luke looking adoringly at his big cousin J. The second is my sister Jenny (on right) with our cousin Laura, who I haven't seen since she was about 12 !
Yesterday Jude went to work at the Coleraine CD fair with her Dad. I took Sam to stage school and then Luke and I went round to Jenny's to see Laura, who was staying for the weekend. She has just moved over here to study at University. It was good to see her after such a long time, and she told all of the news of our other cousins (her brothers). I haven't seen them since they were little boys and I couldn't believe that they are now grown men. Even though I've grown up and had kids. It's funny how we forget that everyone else grows up too.
Today is Sunday and we are doing nothing really. Next week we will be going to Dublin for the Sunday meeting but this week Steve wasn't up to it. He worked a full week in the shop. Then yesterday morning he woke at 6am, loaded a van full of records and CD's (they weigh a ton) into the van, drove to pick up another dealer (cd dealer, not drug dealer!) and helped him load his stuff into the van. Then he drove a good few hours to Coleraine, unloaded the van, lugged everything into the fair, worked all day at the fair (made hardly any money) and then did the same thing, but in reverse, on the way home. He is absolutely shattered, and has gone back to bed for the day.


Anonymous said...

gosh, im tired just reading about steves week!

Mum said...

Jenny and Laura look very much like sisters in this photo!