Monday, September 18, 2006

I find it so hard to think of good titles!

I've got so much to blog about from the weekend that I'm sure I will forget most of it. We spent all day on Saturday at the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum, near Holywood. I quite often take Luke and Jude there on a Saturday whilst Sam is at stage school. It's Luke's all time favourite place. He dreams of taking various friends and family members there, to show them all his favourite trains. But this time we spent the whole day there, for the purposes of Steve's first photography project for his HND. We spent the first half of the day at the Folk park. Luke has never been there. It was a sunny day and we walked around the old Irish buildings, saw a man printing from an antique printing press, and another man weaving a rug using an old machine, then we had a picnic outside one of the thatched cottages. Steve spent the whole time taking photographs while we pleased ourselves. We didn't get many pics of us, just artsy fartsy things. After lunch I took Sam to stage school and then we went to the transport museum and had the usual Saturday fun there. Steve took a heap more photos.

On Saturday evening we went to Jenny's house warming party, which was a good evening for adults and kids alike. The food was lovely, and so was the company.

Sunday was spent relaxing. Well, that was the plan, although I spent most of the day tidying, so that I could eventually relax. Not much to report there. Jude stayed at Auntie Jenny's house for the weekend.

Today I had to pick Jude up after taking Sam to school. On the way home from Jenny's we stopped at B&Q, Homebase and M&S. I bought myself some sushi for lunch, which was such a treat! It was so so yummy.

Sam was upset when he came out of school today. There is a boy in his class who seems to have some behaviour problems. He keeps punching people, for no reason. Today it was Sam's turn to get punched. In the arm, during science. He was just sitting, doing his work, when this kid punched him. Sam has seen him do it to other children in the school. This child has no friends and will end up very lonely if he carries on this way. Fortunately the teacher saw what happened and sent the boy to sit on his own. Sam went to see the head of year at the end of the school day, whilst I was sitting alone in the school car park wondering why my child was the only child that didn't leave the building. She was very good to him, and listened to him. He explained how he had seen this boy hitting and punching several children. She told him that he had been reported 5 times today for the same thing! She told Sam that his parents were coming to the school this evening. She said that he had got away with it in his last school, and he thought he could get away with it here too. Sam said he wasn't too upset by it, but obviously the stress of having to report to the head of year took it's toll on him, and he had to let all that emotion out when he got into the car. He spent all evening running to the toilet with stomach cramps. I'm not sure if this was caused by the stress of the situation or not. His head of year told him to ask me to phone her tomorrow to discuss what had happened. She seems like a very nice lady. I tried to explain to Sam that perhaps this boy has issues that we are not aware of, and that he should try to understand that maybe his life is more complicated than we can see, or perhaps he is very unhappy. I hope that this boy leaves him alone from now on. Apart from that incident Sam seems to be enjoying this new school.

He came home with some surprising news! They did a maths test on the second day of school. Maths is the only subject that they stream the children in. I was worried about Sam's maths as I had taken him back a year when he left school, as his confidence was so badly knocked by his old P6 teacher. I was worried that he was still behind in maths. But today the classes were put into their new maths groups, based on the results of the test that they took, and Sam was put into the higher group! Well blow me down with a feather! We were both pleasantly surprised by that!

Anyway, here are a few photos from our week for you to enjoy...

Luke emptied an entire bottle of lavender sleepeasy fabric conditioner onto the utility room floor. He then attempted to clean it, by putting on a pair of wellies, and sliding about in it with an umberella and a few tea towels. The floor was like an ice rink, but the whole house (and Luke) smelt divine. (notice the purple shimmer to the floor)

Yes, here we have Luke all dressed up in half the contents of my underwear drawer!

Mummy and Luke having cuddles in my bed. I thought this was such a cute little picture (apart from the neck underwear)

And two photos from our trip to the folk museum.

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Anonymous said...

What a busy weekend. Those are very nice pics. I hope Sam is feeling better about school, and that boy. There is always one in every school. Hopefully, the boy will get some help that he needs.