Friday, September 15, 2006

Isis Belly Dance in Belfast

Well, well, well, whoever knew that belly dancing could be so difficult?! And so much fun! Last night me and Mum went to our first class, in Belfast. It was a good laugh. The lady gave us all Egyptian scarf type belt things, with jingles discs on, to wear whilst dancing. I think the idea was that if you were doing it right you'd hear the jingles. So we all donned our hip scarves and stood in a large circle around the room, with the instructor in the middle. There were about 25 women there, at a guess, and they were all new to belly dancing too. So that was a relief. After swinging our hips and doing our stuff in a large circle we got into 3 lines and tried a bit more. I'm sure we all looked a sight, and there were lots of giggles from various ladies. By the end of the lesson we were shimmying our hips in time to the music. We even managed a little dance forwards and backwards by the end of the session. Check out the Isis Belly Dancing site, and go to the link for the gallery to see photos of the type of thing we were up to.
Mum has downloaded a heap of belly dancing music for us to practice to, and we've both ordered our own scarf belts from Egypt. This is the one I ordered. I'm quite looking forward to the next class, although after practicing in the mirror briefly I am now quite sure that I looked like an elephant having a fit, but who cares when it's fun?

This morning I went out for breakfast with my friend C. Then we did an hour of shopping. I managed to pick up a bargain pair of black high heel shoes reduced from £25 to £5 in Dorothy Perkins (and shock, horror, they actually fitted me!) and a pair of trendy comfortable hush puppy shoes at a not so low price of £45. (You can see them by clicking here - in the olive colour.) I needed some comfy shoes as all I have is my trainers. I find it so hard to get anything to fit as my feet are so narrow.

Yesterday Jude, Luke and myself visited W5 in Belfast for a trip with some other home educating families. Jude found her friend and they went off round the building whilst I sat with Luke. He mostly played in the huge train section, but also had a go in the toy supermarket, and the play cafe, as well as a drive in the mini car. Then we all went to pizza hut for lunch. It was a good day, and the place was so quiet as everyone else was at school.

Tomorrow we will be spending the whole day at the folk and transport museum. Steve is going to take a heap of black and white film for the first part of his course, while we are there. Then we will take Sam off to his drama school for the afternoon. It will be an exhausting day because afterwards we are off to my sisters house warming party. Sunday will definitely be a day for relaxing. And maybe washing, and a little ironing, and possibly some vacuuming. I'll look forward to that.


Lin said...

The belly dancing sounds like such great fun! :-)

As for Saturday, I was exhausted just by reading through your list of things to do, hope you all managed to have a great time.

Anna said...

sounds very interesting! Wonder if we have anything like that around here......? Like I have time for something else right now LOL!