Sunday, January 14, 2007

Thank you all

What can I say?
I've been blown away by everyone's comments.
It's taken me ages to read them all, and they all touched me so much.
I read them out loud to Steve but I found that hard, because some of them touched me and made me feel weepy, and also because I was a bit embarassed reading out loud nice stuff about myself.
Thank you to everyone who left comments, and also to all the people who emailed me. I had as many emails as comments. I couldn't begin to reply to them all so I thought it would be best to write a general thank you message here instead.
I'm not sure yet where I'm going with the blog. I can see that you lot aren't going to let me get away with not blogging. My sister Jenny, and my friend Davy threatened to campaign outside my house with placards! I might hold out long enough to see that. Steve even threatened to protest naked in the streets, which would definitely be worth a laugh. Then I could come on and blog all about it. I may continue with this blog. I may start a new one with passwords. I'm not quite sure yet.
I've really missed blogging this week. So many things have happened and I've found myself reaching for the camera to take a photo for the blog. Then I've felt quite sad.
Anyway, I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who left comments. I've certainly felt loved and special, and touched. Some of the comments were from people I've never met, people whom I've never even heard of, people which I haven't seen for many years, and people that I see all the time. And also, as I said, thanks to the people who sent emails as well. I've certainly discovered who my friends are that's for sure!
Anyway, I'm rambling now so I better go and compose myself.
But thanks, again.
Thanks so much.


Anna said...

So does this mean you're staying? i sure hope so, I made a special effort to come check your blog before heading to bed just to make sure you hadn't disappeared.


Tammy said...

I'm so glad that you came by to read all the comments! They are all so heart felt, and I know well deserved too!!! I hope that you will continue to blog. I would miss reading them, and would miss your comments on mine too!

Jules said...

Oh I really hope you are staying. I apologise for not comenting sooner but I have only just read the goings on.
I for one thoroughly enjoy reading about your life and would deeply miss not being able to read your ramblings.
Much love and blessings
Jules x

Anonymous said...

I do hope you will reconsider your blogging. I look forward to catching up on what is happening in your life. The kids are gorgeous!

I didn't want to beg you to stay. (That is better left for the people closest to you. I figure it is more annoying coming from those you see all the time.)

I read your blog saying that you were going to stop blogging. It immediately gave me a headache. I am so upset at the way you have been treated. (Even more so, because these people are supposed 'christains'.) It just makes me sick for you and your family and what you must be going through.

I am not coming across as eloquent as the others who have written. Just know that you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers at this difficult time.

If you do reconsider, please put me on your list of people interested in seeing your family.

Hugs to all,


Sharon said...

Hazel, I've only just read your previous post. I too truly hope you will continue to blog about your little family.
What you write touches so many people in a positive way. You write with love and compassion. You should be proud of this, and ignore those who are trying to put you down.

Perhaps you could change the way people can comment, so only people logged in to blogger can comment. That sometimes helps dissuade the anonymous people who just want to be nasty.