Monday, January 01, 2007

Christmas meme

Christmas Meme, tagged from Lin's blog...

Name three things:

* that you had hanging on your tree:
Christmas decorations from my childhood & my Mums childhood.
Chocolate baubles
Some home made 3d decorations that myself, Jude and Luke made.

* that you’ve eaten / drunk lots of:

* that you said most often this Christmas
"This is what life should be like all the time, not just at Christmas"
"Lets all quickly bless the mess around this house so that we can relax... if we all help it will only take a few minutes"
"Lets take a photo of that to show Emanuel"

* that you heard most often this Christmas
"Mummy can you watch me sing This Is Halloween?"
"Would you like a cup of tea my dear?"
"Can I have a chocolate off of the Christmas tree?"

* that you’ll do again next year
Have an open fire every evening
Read a lot
Play lots of music

* that you’ll *never* do again
Accidentally buy chicken instead of turkey
Buy so many fattening treats
Go to Tescos with 3 kids a few days before Christmas

* that you didn’t do this year but hope to do next year
I'm finding this one hard to answer. Hmm. Nope, I just can't think of anything honestly.

* favourite presents this year
My pink welly boots!
The phone call from Emanuel
The handmade cards from Tinkhani

* that you’re glad you didn’t get for Christmas
A cold (I usually do!)
Granny Knickers (seems to have become a tradition)
Tights (I usually get loads of tights and I never wear them)

Name 3 people to tag:
Sharon, Davy, Tammy

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Tammy said...

I got your tag, and answers are on my blog. :)