Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Temporarily raw vegans?

Well, what's been happening here then? Hmm, let me think. I've done some tidying. Then I did do a bit of tidying. Then I picked up some bits here and there and returned them to their rightful places. Then I tidied a bit. I think we own too much stuff.

Yesterday we took a trip to the Asian Supermarket in Belfast and I stocked up on lots of nuts, herbs, seeds and various dried fruits. The kids love going there because it's like walking into another world, a new culture in a foreign land. Luke kept asking me what things were, and I kept answering "I'm not sure what that is honey". I managed to spend £45 there and then stopped at Sainsburys for loads of fruit and veg.

We've been eating a raw vegan diet for this last while. I'm on a mission to improve the health of my family. Have been on it a while, but keep side tracking every now and then. The benefits of eating raw foods are amazing (apparently - haven't been doing it long enough yet to comment personaly). Anyway, with the help of my rejuvenate book I've learnt how to make some cracking, life enhancing salad dressings, that even Steve likes! We have been eating the most amazing salads. Even the kids have been stuffing them down. And this evening after our double cabbage & apple salad (which was delicious despite how it sounds) I made a desert which is healthy enough to feed the kids for breakfast. And it was a hit so I took a photo which I'll load onto the blog tomorrow. I made little cakes from nothing but almonds, figs and a bit of dried coconut. Jude came back for seconds so she will be in the toilet all day tomorrow! Ha.

I've had a terrible pain in my lungs all afternoon and evening. It's getting worse and moving round to the back of my lungs. It hurts when I breath deeply, when I slouch, or when I bend from one side to the other. Basically, it hurts when I move or breath. I haven't done anything strenuous. Maybe its all the toxins coming out. Going cold turkey from junk food might be taking its toll on me.

It's time for bed. I could ramble on all night. But I won't.


Anna said...

What's the title and author of your book? Sounds like something I need to look into. Think the library would have it? I've been trying to cook everything from scratch and not used processed things. I've barrowed older cookbooks from the library for recipes that don't all contain cream of soups and cheeses. It's gonna be a change for sure! I'm always open to new ideas and recipes.

Hazel said...

REJUVENATE YOUR LIFE! RECIPES FOR ENERGY by Serene Allison - All cooked food is dead food. Therefore everyone should try to have at least 60 percent of their diet raw in order to get their enzymes and life energy. And mothers certainly need energy! But who wants to live on salads every day? This book contains delectable recipes that will tempt the most cynical – pizzas, breads, cheesecakes and chocolate pies as well basic day-to-day recipes. Rejuvenate Your Life is not only a recipe book, but a “how to” book which will answer all your questions.

It is available from this address for $18.


It is a Christian site but the recipes are suitable for anyone who wants to make gorgeous raw vegan food.